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last upated: 2020-06-23


Topic 1: Robot Tool Use

In a collection of projects, I explored and I will continue to explore how to enable robots to use tools. The finished work is now under review. I will add more imformation once I hear back some good news!

Topic 2: Animal Robot Interactions

Robots (e.g., social robots, or other robots like Roombas) are more prevalent at home. In this study, I explored whether dogs could respond to a social robot. For more details, please click here.

Topic 3: Socially Assistive Robots (SAR)

Studied showed that social robots improves the social skills in children with Autism with a short interaction. In this study, we explored how long–term interactions could benefit the children. For more information, please click here

Topic 4: Animal Cognition

During my undergraduate studies, I did research on animal cognitions. I have worked on a few projects with different species. To see the projects and some cute animal pictures, please click here.

Here is a project on zebrafish. Zebrafish are social animals, and they love shoaling with their peers. A group of zebrafish is thus used as rewards to train a zebrafish with classical conditioning. Zebrafish is a model animal, which is used to diseases such as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). Zebrafish with FAS may dislike shoaling with other zebrafish. I developed a software to show different vitual stimulus of zebrafish, and conducted a methodology study whether healthy zebrafish loving shoaling to the virtual stimulus.

I also followed up this study by developing a zebrafish tracking software (both online and offline) to enable operaional conditioning possible in zebrafish studies.

For more information about the zebrafish study, please click here.