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last upated: 2020-06-23

Useful Tools and Resources

Those courses are very helpful and FREE to build a solid theoretical foundation:

It is important to get your hands dirty

ROS (Robot operating System) is one of the most popular systems we use to code the robots. You can also run simulators with it. The ROS website contains enough tutorials for you to start with.

I am learning how to combine statistical learning with logic recently (e.g., markov logic network, beyasian logic), and here are a few useful links:

Markov Network/Markov Random Fields

More to comeā€¦

  • I will pose intructions for the Baxter robot.
  • I am compiling useful instructions for Adobe Premier to make videos for your project.
  • I am compiling useful instructions for Adobe Illustrator to make pictures for your paper.

Disclaimer: I do not receive any finanial incentives for anything I recommeded here. I recommend them only because I read them myself and found them very useful.